UPDATE May 15th, 2017
We are still working! Rewriting a 4 years of work (plugins) and testing them in the same time takes time.
Stay with us <3

UPDATE April 25th, 2017
We are working on rebuilding (recoding) our plugins, as well as adding shiny new features.
Stay tuned! <3

Hello fellow AuraCrafters.
It's been a long time since we last talked/played together.
I'm sure many of you miss AuraCraft. We miss you too.

We have some good news for you.
We are currently in process of building a new, fresh server.
A place with new and not as-strict rules, a place with new features, new games, new abilities.
A place that we can call Home again and play together.

Meet you there? :)
* The new server will be launched under a different name and ip
** Only those who subscribe will receive an invitation

Subscribe, Suggestions & Feedback

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Hugs are free on demand <3